Pruning Collection

Pruning collection in Alicante, Murcia, Valencia and Castellón.

In Raíz Verde we offer a service of waste collection of pruning or felling. Once the Pruning palm trees or Felling of trees We take care of removing the remains of leaves and branches, quickly and efficiently. Subsequently, we transfer the waste to authorized landfills. We have a large fleet of trucks, vans and all the necessary tools to carry out this service efficiently.

Pruning Collection

Pruning collection and transport vehicles

  • We have trucks of 3500 kg capacity with tipper. After the work of pruning and felling, the trucks access the area to collect and transfer all the remains.
  • We also work with a truck with octopus, so that the task is much easier and faster. Its large load capacity allows us to transport a large amount of remains in the same trip, so the collection of pruning or felling is streamlined.
  • In addition, we have crushers that are especially useful in certain jobs, such as pruning and felling on farms that have terraces. These machines allow us to crush the remains and spread them on the terraces, as fertilizer to improve the quality of the land.
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Gardening tips:

Pruning properly: Pruning your plants regularly to keep them healthy and promote growth.