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Tree felling

Tree felling

Tree felling in Alicante, Murcia, Valencia and Castellón.

At Raíz Verde we are experts in felling or cutting any type of tree, regardless of its size or the difficulties that arise. It is very important that this work is carried out by specialists, since it is a risky activity that can endanger workers and nearby infrastructures. Once the relevant tree felling has been carried out, we proceed to the collection of remains for its correct process and always taking care of the environment.

When should we cut down our treel?

There are several reasons why you decide to cut or cut down trees. Each situation is particular and therefore from Raíz Verde we recommend that this decision be consulted with a specialist, who will recommend the best alternative according to each case.

Reasons why cut a tree


High risk of falling

One of the consequences of not pruning trees correctly is their growth deviation. Due to the imbalance of its branches, the tree can develop too steep an inclination that could end in a fall of the specimen, threatening some nearby infrastructure or a passage area.
From Raíz Verde, we recommend consulting one of our specialists if a deviation is observed in one or more trees to determine if there is a probability of falling. If the risk is high and the felling is not carried out in time, the tree could fall unexpectedly as a result of strong winds or storms.


Constructions or buildings

In some occasions, the felling of trees is necessary to make way for new constructions such as roads, train lines, houses or buildings. It is important to know that this action must be approved by the relevant authorities, since it is a modification of the ecosystem of the place.

In addition, in Spanish territory all specimens that are more than 100 years old are protected.

Tree felling
To do logging jobs correctly, you need the right tools and staff.

Methods for carrying out the work of cutting down trees

Tree felling Alicante


Descent technique

In this technique, the specialist goes up from the base of the specimen to the crown, progressively removing the branches of the tree. Upon reaching the crown, he begins to cut the log into easy-to-handle pieces from top to bottom, until the felling is complete.


Crane clutch technology

In this case, the work is carried out in conjunction with a crane, whose characteristics are in accordance with the dimensions and weight of the specimen to be felled. The crane must be chosen by the arborist who will carry out this task. With this method, pieces and branches of the specimen are secured with the crane and the arborist executes a cut below these grips, to be able to remove the pieces little by little and completely disassemble the specimen.


Complete abatement

There are situations in which the tree to be felled is in a place with enough space to allow it to be completely felled. In some cases, a crane is also used to direct the specimen and not have such a sudden fall. This practice is carried out by holding the specimen with the crane while the arborist makes a cut at the base.

At the end of the cut, the crane will take the specimen slowly to the ground. In this way, possible material damage to the infrastructures near the tree is avoided. In cases where a crane cannot be used, arborists can use a trocola, which serves to ensure the direction of the fall of the tree by means of tensioners.


Logging with basket truck or lifting platform

This platform is used to access from the lower part of the tree to its highest point, when the specimen is large. The operation is carried out as in the first option, the operator cuts branches as he ascends and once up, he chops up the specimen until it is completely disassembled.

It is important to take into account the dimensions of the lifting platform, which must be adequate to carry out the work correctly. If this is not the case, the arborist may be forced to make a cut that is too large and cannot direct, which may cause some type of damage to the environment.

At Raíz Verde we have platforms with different characteristics and we select the most appropriate according to each particular case.

Tree felling Valencia

From the company we recommend that after the cutting down a tree another smaller specimen is planted in a strategic place in the environment

To do logging jobs correctly, you need the right tools and staff.

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Tree felling

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