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Processionary treatment

Processionary treatment

Processionary treatment in Alicante, Murcia, Valencia and Castellón.

At Raíz Verde we are specialists in the “processionary treatment". Therefore, we have the necessary tools and products to keep your pines free of processionary. For this, it is necessary to carry out the preventions and fumigations relevant at the right time. We can also treat other infections such as those caused by Red weevil.

The most common pest that affects a large number of pines in Spain is the processionary

What annoyances or problems can the processionary infestation cause?

For adults and children
The biggest problem that this plague causes occurs when it comes into contact with our skin, or in worse places like our eyes or mouth. this can occur, both when the worms are still in the pine, and when they are on the ground moving. on the first occasion it is due to the loss of their little black hairs that can come into contact with us when passing under the nest and on the second occasion, when accidentally touching or stepping on them. As a consequence, we can suffer different symptoms such as hives, extreme itching, skin rashes and even the appearance of red bumps.
For pets
Aquí encontramos la mayoría de los casos debido a que no podemos advertir o concienciar a los animales de este peligro. por lo tanto, cuando la procesionaria baje del pino es muy probable que nuestra mascota entre en contacto con ella. dependiendo de la zona afectada o la cantidad de gusanos con las que entre en contacto las consecuencias serán más o menos graves, mostrando síntomas desde irritaciones, hinchazones o picores, hasta la necesidad de acudir de inmediato a un veterinario para ser tratado, nunca trate de frotar la zona afectada.
Alicante procession treatment

Para mantener tus pinos libres de esta plaga y sanos, desde raíz verde recomendamos el asesoramiento de un experto que pueda escoger el tratamiento adecuado y llevarlo a cabo de la forma más eficaz y definitiva.

The ideal time to treat or fumigate this pest is during the months of September and October. However, the specialist must take into account other factors such as geographical location and climate.

If your pines have a processionary call us and we will find you a solution as soon as possible

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Methods for the treatment of the processionary

Spray gun

El objetivo de las fumigaciones es impregnar todo lo posible los pinos de producto fitosanitario. Esta herramienta nos ayuda con dicha tarea debido a que su ángulo de aplicación es ancho y permite una mayor difusión de producto en un menor rango de movimientos.

Murcia processionary treatment
Valencia processionary treatment

Pole use

We use this method to treat the taller pine trees, as the gun cannot cover the entirety of it. The pole tool allows us to reach the highest branches and the tops of the pines, making sure to distribute the product evenly throughout the specimen.

Injections or endotherapy

This method, unlike the previous ones, is based on the direct application of the product inside the pine. In this way, a small perforation is made in the trunk of the specimen through which the necessary amount of phytosanitary product is injected into its interior.

Castellón processionary treatment

It should be noted that we can find some pines whose height is greater than 15 meters and, therefore, we will not be able to reach them correctly with the methods mentioned above. Therefore, in these situations we have a basket truck or a lifting platform so that we can raise the necessary height to carry out the fumigation correctly and efficiently.

If you observe processionary nests in your pines, do not hesitate to call us, we also offer the service of their removal