Processionary treatment

In Raíz Verde we are experts in the treatment of the processionary and we offer specialized services in Alicante, Murcia, Valencia and Castellón. Our team has the necessary tools and products to keep your pines free of the annoying processionary.

We understand the importance of prevention and use spraying at the right time to ensure your trees remain healthy and pest-free.

We also offer treatment for other infections, such as those caused by the red palm weevil or the pine processionary. So, for all your treatment needs against the processionary, trust Root Green.

Processionary treatment

In Raíz Verde we are specialists in the processionary treatment. We have the tools and products necessary to keep your pines free of processionary. To achieve this, it is necessary to prevent the pest and also carry out the relevant fumigations at the right time. We are also able to treat other infections, such as those caused by red palm weevil or The Processionary.

The most common pest that affects a large number of pines in Spain: the processionary

What discomfort or problems can the processionary plague cause?

  • For adults and children

    The biggest problem generated by this pest is when it comes into contact with our skin, eyes or mouth. Any contact with the worms of this pest or their detachments, can cause symptoms such as: hives, extreme itching, skin rashes and even the appearance of reddish welts. On the one hand, this contact can occur when the worms are still in the pine and release black hairs that can affect us if we pass under a nest. And, on the other hand, contact can occur when the worms of the processionary are on the ground moving, and we touch or step on them carelessly.

  • For pets

    Pets are the most affected by the processionary, since we can not warn animals of this danger. That is why, when the processionary comes down from the pine, it is very likely that pets will come into contact with it. The contact of pets with this pest causes effects similar to humans: swellings, irritations or itching. If these symptoms are observed, it is best to visit a veterinarian and not touch the affected areas. To keep your pines healthy and free of this pest, from RaízVerde we recommend having the advice of an expert who can choose the appropriate processionary treatment and carry it out in the most effective and definitive way.

Tratamiento procesionaria Alicante

The ideal time to treat this pest is during the months of September and October. However, the specialist must take into account factors such as geographical location and climate when spraying.

If you think your pines have processionary and need a processionary treatment, call us and we will find a solution as soon as possible.
We are always available to answer any questions or emergencies at any time, even on weekends or holidays.

Processionary treatment

Methods for the treatment of the processionary

Spray with gun

The objective of spray guns is to impregnate pine trees with plant protection as much as possible. The gun is very effective in this task, since its angle of application is very wide and allows a large diffusion of product in a few movements.

Tratamiento procesionaria Murcia
Tratamiento procesionaria Valencia

Pole utilization

We use this method to treat the tallest pines, since the gun cannot cover the entirety of it. The tool of the pole allows us to reach the highest branches and the tops of the pines, distributing the product evenly throughout the specimen.

Injections or endotherapy

Contrary to previous methods, this technique is based on the direct application of the product inside the pine.

To do this, a small perforation is made in the trunk of the specimen by which a certain amount of phytosanitary product is injected, which acts against the pest from inside.

Tratamiento procesionaria Castellón

In the processionary treatment in pines with a height greater than 15 meters, the spraying methods mentioned above will not allow to reach the entire specimen. In these cases, in Raíz Verde we use a basket truck or a lifting platform to be able to reach the necessary height and carry out the fumigation correctly and efficiently.

Before performing any pruning or felling work, it is important to eliminate pests before performing other work such as a Pruning in height, and in order to avoid other infections in the garden and take care of the health of people, workers and animals.

If you notice processionary nests in your pines, do not hesitate to call us. We also offer the service of its felling and removal.

Gardening tips:

Ensures good drainage: Prevents water from stagnating and causing plant diseases by ensuring good soil drainage.