We work throughout the Valencian Community and the region of Murcia.

We can solve any problem related to pruning, whether with your trees or palm trees. Even if it is not marked in our services section, we can surely help you, send us a message and we will respond as soon as possible.

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Offer sale and shipping of palm trees throughout Spain.

Discover our unique selection of palm trees and bring tropical beauty into your home with RaízVerde.

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More than 30 years of experience as Pruning company They endorse us.

As members of the Serrano Valero family, we have been providing exceptional and quality services for over 30 years.

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We are a Pruning company with experience
Técnicas en la poda de altura


We are specialized in Height Pruning, we work with any type of tree or palm tree regardless of its dimensions.

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We are specialized in the pruning of any palm tree. We attend emergencies.

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Poda de árboles en Alicante, Castellón, Valencia y Murcia


We can take care of the pruning of any tree regardless of its height or dimensions.

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In Raíz Verde we are specialized in the felling or cutting of any palm tree regardless of its dimensions or the difficulty of the operation.

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Tala de árboles Valencia


At Raíz Verde we are experts in cutting down or cutting any type of tree regardless of its dimensions.

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Tratamiento picudo rojo


In Raíz Verde we are up to date to keep your palm trees protected against any type of pest. We are specialized in the treatment for the elimination of the red palm weevil.

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Tratamiento procesionaria Alicante


In Raíz Verde we are up to date to keep your pines free of processionary.

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Venta de Palmeras en Alicante, Murcia, Valencia y Castellón


We have the trees you are looking for, your garden will be amazing! Sale of Date Palm, Canary Island Palm, Washingtonia robusta Palm and Coconut Palm.

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In Raíz verde, we also offer pruning or felling collection services. Once the pruning of palm trees or felling of relevant trees is done, we take care of it quickly and efficiently.

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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

At Raíz verde, we are always available to assist you and help you in everything you need, whether on weekdays, weekends or holidays. We are pleased to offer quick and effective assistance to resolve any questions or emergencies that may arise.

¡Your Pruning company local!

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Amelia MagriAmelia Magri
14:16 23 Aug 23
Exceptional treatment from A to Z. Searching the internet I found them for good reviews, they came from Elche and did their best to prune a pine tree that I had.. The guys super clean left everything spotless and fast too! They took everything it seems that they were never there! Hector super pending, I will definitely recommend !! Thank you
magago64 magago64magago64 magago64
10:51 13 Aug 23
I hired them to cut down a huge araucaria and the work was perfect, highly recommended
Pilar Lopez GilPilar Lopez Gil
10:04 11 Aug 23
I had a problem with my palm tree infected with weevil, they came punctually and when they left it seemed that the palm tree had never been there
Anita M. HAnita M. H
09:29 09 Aug 23
Sincerely.. A quick job.. clean... with professionalism.. and some educated workers. Specific...! As I had not found for a long time... and everything as I wanted them long. no problem...!
Jesús Navarro LópezJesus Navarro Lopez
09:22 24 May 23
I located them online, when talking to them they gave me confidence, and so it has been, everything perfect, next year we will repeat, very acceptable price. I am from a community of owners in La Manga de Mar Menor
Rebeca Salgueiro BeaRebeca Salgueiro Bea
17:56 07 May 23
Authentic genuine workers in pruning, no matter what tree and size it is, are always there to give you service with a professionalism of 10. After many years pruning in my house, I will continue to trust their way of working and I recommend them infinite.
Brandon a-rBrandon a-r
20:26 17 Apr 23
Responsible company and committed to the client, has authentic professionals and responsible in security and all kinds of work, very proud of them, I have hired them once and for the next season I will do it again ...... spectacular.
19:56 17 Apr 23
Very professional! The plameras we bought are super beautiful, We will definitely repeat!
Pepe Tortosa garciPepe Tortosa Garci
21:44 30 Jan 23
Good job very professional
22:22 19 Jul 21
Alex was the worker who did the job of removing a palm tree and a cypress tree located in complicated places. The work was perfect, leaving the place occupied by these trees totally clean, as if there had never been a tree there. He also removed all the remains and fixed those of the cypress so that we could use them as firewood for the fireplace. He showed a lot of professionalism by totally eliminating the trunk of a palm tree that was leaning partly against a wall. In short, a perfect job, impeccable and very clean, in a short time and with a special kindness. Great value for money. I was surprised by the availability to come 2 days after ordering the service, especially considering the date (end of July). I highly recommend it.
We are committed to providing high-quality pruning company services that are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. We are proud that our team has implemented the most efficient systems and treatments in our field of work.
We have a wide selection of climbing and forestry tools, as well as pruners and specialized products for different types of trees and gardens. If you need to prune palm trees, vines, or any other type of plant, feel free to contact us for more information.

¡Your Pruning company local!


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All about the Washingtonia palm tree

There is no better way to relax than to have a garden, plant any type of plant and take care of them to see them grow. In the case of palm trees, many people want this type of plant to give an aphrodisiac touch to their garden that few manage to have. There are many types of palm trees to choose from, and it could be…

Material needed for pruning at height

Have you ever wondered how they prune giant trees that cannot be reached with a common ladder? To achieve this feat, there is a procedure called pruning in height.

Growth of palm trees

Many people believe the growth of palm trees is similar to that of a tree, they have the same characteristics, the same methods of care and that the growth behavior is similar. However, palm trees are plants that only have a false trunk (stipe), they do not create branches of this single trunk, their structure is fibrous…

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Programme to promote the indefinite hiring of certain vulnerable groups in the territorial area of the Valencian Community

A subsidy has been received from LABORA Valencian Employment and Training Service from the indicated programme for the indefinite and full-time hiring of unemployed people belonging to vulnerable groups, an action that may be co-financed by the European Union through the European Social Fund Plus (ESF+) 2021-2027 Community Programme or by any other fund of the European Union of the European Union.

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