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Palm tree pruning

Palm tree pruning

Palm tree pruning in Alicante, Murcia, Valencia and Castellón.

Specialists in palm tree pruning We take care of pruning all kinds of palm trees, regardless of their height or dimensions.
Expert staff and adequate technical equipment We have experienced workers who have done different jobs of height pruning for years.
Palm Tree Pruning Alicante Palm tree pruning Castellón
Speed ​​in the execution and removal of the remains Our top priority is to get work done quickly and efficiently. Therefore, we take care of pruning the palm trees and then carry out the pruning collection in the shortest possible time.
Personalized advice Consult the professional team of Green Root to find the best care for your palm trees. We recommend pruning palm trees at least once a year, at different times depending on the specimen.
If you have any questions or queries about the pruning of Palmeras please contact us, we will be happy to assist you. We are always to attend to any query or emergency at any time, even on weekends and / or holidays.


Brushing of Palm Trees in Murcia, Alicante, Valencia and Castellón.

Palm brushing for aesthetic purposes In most cases, brushing palm trees is carried out with an aesthetic objective. With the brushing of palm trees you can create a greater differentiation between the trunk and the Walloon, thus giving it a more proportionate and beautiful appearance.
Red weevil prevention Another reason to brush palm trees is to keep a more thorough control of the red palm weevil pest. By removing the boards from the trunk we can see if there is any hole that the red palm weevil has created to infect the palm tree and perform the appropriate treatment in time./span>
Planing of logs Alicante Castellón log brushing
Importance of correct brushing It is very important that the personnel who carry out the work of brushing palm trees are specialized. If not done correctly, this process can damage the trunk of the palm tree causing wounds. In some cases, the wounds are so deep that the specimen can contract different infections such as fungi.

Problems and discomfort caused by do not prune the palmeras

In the case of Washingtonian palms, both robust and filiferous, there is a periodic fall of flowers and "black balls". These can be very annoying in areas of passage or in the vicinity of swimming pools.
Regarding the specimens of Palmeras Canarias and Datileras, the problem lies in their dates. When ripe, these fruits begin to fall to the ground and stain the surface, generating dirt and sloppiness in the garden or passage areas.
Due to the lack of pruning of our specimens, rodent nests such as mice can also proliferate, which nest between the palms. As we know, rats are usually transmitters of diseases, thus being a danger to people who live near these palm trees.
In addition, due to the lack of pruning of our specimens, nests of rodents such as mice can proliferate, which can nest between the palms without pruning. As we know, rats in some cases are transmitters of diseases, thus being a danger to people who live near these palm trees.
In Raíz Verde we have qualified personnel and many years of experience in the sector. We have a great track record in carrying out different work of pruning height.

professionalism and experience in palm tree pruning

Palm tree pruning Valencia

It is very important that the personnel in charge of carrying out the palm tree pruning are specialists in this work. Otherwise irreparable damage can occur to the leaves or the palm tree itself. These damages can be wounds in the specimen and even structural damage.

In Raíz Verde we have a team of professionals trained and accredited in the pruning of all types of palm trees. All our staff has the qualifications and courses required to carry out these works with maximum safety and efficiency.

For us, experience is a fundamental pillar, and that is why our staff has more than 20 years of experience in pruning palm trees.
This experience and our highly trained team is what allows us to develop each job correctly. For example, when pruning Date Palms or the Canary Islands, it is very important to training correct of the "Walloon" or capital. This is a fundamental element, because it is its means of adaptation to the ecosystem and where the specimen maintains moisture.

We adapt each of our services to the characteristics and the state in which the palm trees are located. Sometimes, we find abandoned palm trees that have been without maintenance for many years. In these cases we usually make use of chainsaws, in order to prune their palms more easily. Subsequently, we review with the right tools to achieve a good finish.

From Green Root we recommend that the specimens are pruned, at least, once every 24 months. After this time, the palm tree begins to have an aspect of abandonment, and its pruning becomes more difficult.

If you haven't pruned your palm trees for a long time and want to keep them healthy and strong, don't hesitate to give us a call!

Palm tree pruning Murcia
Brushing Valencia palm trees

One of the reasons that makes palm tree pruning essential to maintain their health is the arrival of the Red weevil. The pruning of palm trees allows the palm tree or palm mower to better observe the specimen, discovering if it is affected by this pest. If so, the severity of the infection must be evaluated and the needs of the palm tree must be determined for proper fumigation and monitoring.

Among palm trees or palm mowers, the climb to the trunk is a common practice that provides a lot of information about the state of a specimen. With this technique you can observe different aspects of the trunk such as: its uniformity, the existence of holes, among other problems. A thorough observation of the trunk can detect the red palm weevil or other pests, avoiding future problems in the palm trees.

The essential tools of a palm tree or palm trimmer

Corbellote: it is the most effective tool for cutting the leftover branches of palm trees, which grow year by year.

Gumia: this utensil is specific for the removal of dates in female palms and pollen packs in male palms. The ergonomics of this tool is what facilitates access to those areas and helps to make a clean cut, creating a perfect finish.

Using the right tools for pruning palm trees is paramount, but so is having the right equipment. What does a professional's equipment include?

In the equipment for pruning palm trees we find: trepolines, harness, braided palm or sling rope and carabiners, among other tools.

Other necessary elements in the equipment are: helmet, gloves, anti-cut material, cover to store corbillote, cover to store gumia leaf, palm boots and more.

All this material should not be lacking in the equipment of a true professional.

Methods for pruning palm trees

Pruning with basket truck or lifting platform

For those specimens that are difficult to access

Palm tree pruning with basket

Pruning with spurs and palm tree equipment

The most common and traditional way

Pruning palm trees with spurs

Pruning with a bicycle

A method used to avoid puncturing the trunk.

Palm tree pruning with bicycle

Your will is always under your control, so nothing can stop you

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Palm tree pruning

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