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Height pruning


Height pruning in Alicante, Murcia, Valencia and Castellón.

It is understood by height pruning the task or labor of carrying out work on large plant specimens, mainly trees and palm trees in some way, we can classify this gardening work that the ordinary gardener cannot perform, due to the difficulty of the work or the lack of necessary means . Therefore, it is in this situation that a specialized team such as the arborist or palm tree is required.

A modo de ejemplo sobre estos trabajos de poda en ocasiones nos encontramos con jardineros o incluso dueños de chalets, sin los medios ni la experiencia necesaria, inmersos en la realización de podas en altura en sus propiedades. En Raíz Verde, recomendamos que, aunque trataran de podar sus ejemplares años atrás al estar a una altura accesible, no lo intenten una vez estos crecen, ya que, esta actividad debe ser realizada por un especialista con herramientas profesionales es la mejor forma de evitar accidentes como consecuencias de usar herramientas no profesionales por personal no cualificado sin experiencia, contacta con una empresa especializada en este trabajo y solicita que revisen y evalúen tus árboles y palmeras, porque así, será un experto el que te diga que es lo mejor que puedes hacer.

Height pruning

Pruning at height is carried out, mainly, for the following reasons

EstheticWhen we see trees or palm trees with dry leaves, it is not visually pleasing, since aesthetically it gives the feeling of neglect or dirt, aspects that we do not want to associate with our villas or farms. That is why this activity is demanded, in addition to a visual cleaning and care effect, we also obtain an aesthetic balance with the environment in which they live.
BalanceAnother objective with which the pruning at height is carried out efficiently is to ensure that our specimens, especially the large ones, are fully balanced. That is to say, that the weight distributed between the branches is equitable, in this way we prevent future problems of deviations or unexpected falls of the copies. Indeed, the most common example in palm trees is that the lack of pruning for many years causes the weight of the fruits and leaves to be greater than they can support, thus causing a deviation in the palm tree for life or even the fall of the same. And, the most common example in trees is that one part of the tree can grow much more than another, causing an imbalance of weight on the tree. Therefore, if over time a pruning of adequate height is not carried out, we may find a tree that is unbalanced for life and / or with a high risk of falling.
Height pruning
Cleaning Pruning at height is also carried out from a hygienic point of view, since, if the specimens are neglected, many insects and animals decide to inhabit them. This case happens very frequently in palm trees, because it is where the rats decide to create their nests and live. This problem, which is solved when the pruning is carried out, otherwise said nests and animals will remain there indefinitely. Likewise, in many cases the lack of pruning of the trees and palms at the right time of year causes the fall of seeds and / or leaves, leaving the gardens dirty.
Disturbances to buildings or passagewaysOn many occasions, they request our height pruning service because the branches of their trees or palm trees have grown a lot and are invading terraces, roofs, roads, walkways or paths creating such a nuisance, both to other owners and to people or vehicles that circulate through area. In these cases, we recommend that the pruning is not done only on the branches of the tree that are disturbing since, often the specimen will be unbalanced. Therefore, a good arborist or palm grove will carry out the pruning at the appropriate height to ensure that the specimen has the most optimal development without creating more discomfort.

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Height pruning work

These works are carried out by the palm tree and arborist.

Palmerero He is a qualified person in the care and pruning of palm trees. To be a good palm tree you must have extensive experience in a multitude of types of palm trees such as the date palm, canariensis palm, washingtonia palm, robusta washingtonia palm, chamerops, coconut trees, etc. In addition, you must know and control the different pruning systems and the approved and appropriate equipment for the job. Likewise, he must know and master any type of pruning or brushing in the trunk of palm trees and, above all, the proper formation of the flanges or capital.
Height pruning Height pruning
Arborist He is a qualified professional in any type of tree pruning. Also, in addition to knowing the different pruning systems, you must be able to execute them safely. Also, it must be able to efficiently prune any type of tree, be it: pines, eucalyptus, cypress, araucaria, mulberry, olive, jacaranda, etc. At Raíz Verde we have the best professionals in the height pruning industry, do not hesitate to contact us and we will put our best arborists and palm trees at your disposal.
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