Felling of palm trees

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Felling of palm trees

In Raíz Verde we are specialists in the felling or cutting of any palm tree, regardless of its dimensions or the difficulty of the operation. There are several reasons why it is decided to cut down or cut palm trees and it is essential that this work is carried out by experts, so as not to endanger the operators or nearby infrastructures.

Once the relevant palm tree felling has been carried out, we will proceed to the Pruning collection for its correct processing, being responsible with the environment. From Raíz Verde we also offer the service of Sale of palm trees, bred in our nurseries, to replace specimens in your garden or expand the landscape.

For inquiries related to palm tree felling, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to assisting you.

In Raíz verde we are always available to answer any questions or emergencies, even on weekends or holidays.

Felling of palm trees


We suggest that the decision of the Felling of palm trees is taken with the advice of a professional in the field, a service that we have in Raíz Verde. Before felling, the risks and the context in which the specimen is located must be taken into account. On some occasions, customers request pruning because one or more palm trees present a risk to the land, buildings or people.

Especially in these cases, the opinion of a professional is essential, since he will evaluate the existence of danger, its severity and the best way to solve it. Here we tell you what are the main reasons why to request the felling of palm trees:


    There are many palm trees that over the years begin to deteriorate, presenting wounds in their trunks. In these cases, we recommend that the palm tree be reviewed by one of our specialists so that he can assess the danger of the specimen. This specialist will recommend its felling in the event that the probability of falling is high.

    If this is not done, this palm tree could fall naturally in the future by the wind. This would represent an unforeseen and uncontrolled fall, and could cause various material and personal damages.


    A pest that causes endless damage to palm trees. When the red palm weevil has generated damage that affects the stability of the palm tree, it should be felled, since it greatly increases the risk of falling.

    It is also possible that the red palm weevil has attacked the upper part of the palm tree, the Walloon, killing the yolk of the specimen. As a result, the palm tree can no longer recover and must be cut down to avoid falls and the spread of the pest.

    Another case in which the felling of palm trees is necessary is when these specimens are abandoned and totally devastated by the red palm weevil. In these cases, the only thing that can be done to clean that area or plot is to cut down all the palm trees that are highly affected and take their remains to an authorized landfill.


    When planning to carry out a construction in a place where there are palm trees, sometimes felling is necessary to carry out the building. However, it is necessary to know that in some Spanish localities this is an illegal practice.

    In Elche and Orihuela, for example, palm trees are considered a World Heritage Site and should be integrated into new constructions.

Tala de Palmeras en Murcia, Alicante, Valencia y Castellón

For these jobs it is essential to have a good team of tools and professionals who are able to use them safely and professionally.

Gardening tips:

Plan your garden: Design a garden plan that takes into account sun exposure, space, plant needs, and aesthetics.

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Felling of palm trees

Methods for felling palm trees

Tala de Palmeras en Murcia, Alicante, Valencia y Castellón

    This method is chosen when there is enough space for the palm tree to fall whole to the ground. This movement is fully controlled by the operators, thus guaranteeing a clean fall and that it does not cause any type of damage.


    This is the modality most chosen by a palm tree or palm logger. This method of felling works together with a crane, chosen in relation to the dimensions and weight of the palm tree we want to cut. It consists of clutching and securing large pieces at the top of the palm tree, making a cut under said grip and lowering that section of trunk to the ground. This movement is repeated continuously until the whole specimen is disassembled.

    However, on some occasions and if the capabilities of the crane allow it, the palm tree can be cut completely with this method. The crane is responsible for dropping it little by little on the ground without causing any damage and, once there, it will be dismantled manually with chainsaws.


    This technique consists of accessing with the basket to the top of the palm tree to proceed with its felling, cutting the specimen from top to bottom into easily manipulated pieces without causing any risk.

    In these cases it is very important that the crane is of the correct dimensions for each specific job. Otherwise, the operator may be forced to make a cut in an uncomfortable way and not be able to direct it in an optimal way, increasing the risk of damage.


    With this method, the palm tree or palm logger climbs the specimen in a traditional way, from bottom to top. In this climb, the operator will remove the branches and once up, he will cut the trunk of the palm tree as it goes down, until it finishes its felling completely.

Tala de Palmeras en Murcia, Alicante, Valencia y Castellón

From green root we encourage replanting, thus recommending that after the felling of any palm tree for whatever reason, proceed to plant a small potted palm tree.

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