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Tree pruning


Tree pruning in Alicante, Murcia, Valencia and Castellón.DE

We are specialized in floor any tree We take care of the pruning of all types of trees, regardless of their height or dimensions.
Expert staff We have a team of professional tree trimmers who have many years of experience in the field.
Tree pruning Tree pruning Alicante
Speed ​​in the execution, chopping of logs and the removal of the remains We carry out tree pruning in the fastest and most efficient way. At the end, we proceed to chop the logs and collect the remains.
Personalized advice We recommend pruning the specimens when a disproportionate growth or an imbalance in the weight of its branches is observed. It is convenient to carry out this task at the time of year recommended for each species.
We are available to answer any questions about tree pruning or another service.
You can contact us for any emergency, including on weekends or holidays.
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Problems and annoyances that you will have if you do not prune your trees

The imbalance in the weight of the trees can cause serious problems. This is because many specimens suffer from uneven growth of their branches, thus causing one part of the tree to weigh more than the other. In these cases it is essential to prune the tree in order to restore balance, avoiding falls or growth problems.
Another major annoyance is the dirt that certain trees generate. Trees that are not pruned correctly or at the right time tend to cause dirt problems such as leaf fall, seed fall, and more.
To avoid problems with your specimens, we recommend keeping track of the trees' health, as well as carrying out the necessary pruning.

It is essential that the personnel who carry out tree pruning work are specialized and trained in this sector, with techniques in height pruning too. The consequences of carrying out these works by unqualified personnel can such as injuries to the trunk of the specimen or even structural damage.

Experience and professionalism in floor of the following trees

In tree pruning, the main function is to maintain balance in the structure of the tree. If its branches are very heavy, over time they can deviate the trajectory of the specimens. Our goal is to create the right balance, in order to guarantee an optimal and natural growth according to the type of tree.

Tree pruning

One of the most requested specimens for tree pruning is the pino. This is one of the autochthonous species of our peninsula, and for this reason there are many farms and chalets that have a large number of pines.

Another of the most popular species are ficus. Its natural structure and the shape of its leaves mean that its appearance can be very variable, with aesthetics being another of the objectives for which it is pruned. For this reason, we can find completely rounded specimens and others with an asymmetric shape. The ficus is a specimen that allows you to customize its appearance depending on our tastes or the characteristics of our farm or garden.

At root verde we have the necessary means to carry out any type of pruning, not just tree pruning, of any characteristic in your ficus regardless of its dimensions.

Regarding the cypress treesThese are specimens that are naturally limited to two functions. On the one hand, they are widely used to delimit the boundary of a farm or to separate two different spaces, forming a natural wall. To achieve this effect, it is necessary to perform at least one annual pruning in order to prevent their uncontrolled growth and maintain the desired shape and dimensions of the set of trees (an action also called "hedge pruning").

Tree pruning Valencia
Tree pruning

In the case of eucalyptusThese are pruned in order for the tree to maintain its balance, since in some cases its branches can grow in almost any direction. By pruning them, you can partially control the growth direction of these branches and prevent them from causing discomfort.

Another of the trees to mention are the araucarias. In this specimen, the pruning most demanded is that of its "skirts" or large low branches. This pruning can be done without complications, since these branches grow back and do not affect the natural development of the tree.

What are the tools needed to prune?

  • Hand saw.
  • Pole saw.
  • Chainsaws of all dimensions.

What are the methods for tree pruning?

  • An experienced arborist accesses the branches to be pruned through the trunk.
  • With the help of a basket truck or any type of elevated platform.

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Tree pruning

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