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How to plant fruit trees

How to plant fruit trees

As summer draws to a close and cold weather rolls in, it's easy to think that the gardening season is over. However, did you know that fall is the best time to plant fruit trees? Planting takes a lot of work but in the end it is usually very comforting. In this post we will talk about how to plant fruit trees.

Why add fruit trees to your garden?

Cultivar manzanos o cerezos, por ejemplo, puede producir altos rendimientos con muy poco mantenimiento. La fruta es un cultivo de alto valor, y no se puede negar el sabor de la fruta fresca.

Why plant fruit trees in
el otoño?

Fall is a better time to
plant fruit trees in climates with hot summers and dirt
que no se hiela hasta diciembre o más tarde.

This is because the summer heat
y el clima seco pueden afectar a un árbol recién plantado. En un
clima cálido, los árboles plantados en verano necesitan más agua
para establecerse, y rara vez obtienen suficiente para establecer un
sistema de raíces fuerte.

Por otro lado, una plantación en otoño
de árboles frutales sigue el ciclo de crecimiento natural del árbol.
Durante el otoño y el invierno, un árbol entra en una etapa
inactiva, y es mucho mejor trasplantar un árbol durante esta etapa.

It is advisable to plant fruit trees using a permaculture technique called the fruit tree guild, in which the fruit trees are planted with plants that benefit them. For example, lower plantings can naturally fertilize the soil while providing mulch. Or they could provide nectar for pollinators and attract beneficial insects.


If your fruit trees are
quite neglected and will not be sown with compost or
soporte, lo recomendable sería agregar fertilizante para árboles
frutales al momento de la siembra.

Follow these seven steps and discover some tips on how to plant fruit trees:

Tip: You can plant them at any time! Although fall plantings are the best, planting fruit trees in the warmer months isn't bad either. Plant them on a cloudy day and keep them well watered during their first season.

1) Prep time!

First, prepare the planting site by scraping and removing the grass in a two-foot-diameter circle.

2) Dig deep.

As you dig the hole, move the soil in piles; the top layer of soil moves to one pile and the subsoil to another. In our holes, the top layer of soil was rich and brown, while the subsoil was a thick reddish clay.

We found it easier to place
el cartón al lado del agujero y colocar la tierra sobre el cartón,
making it very easy to lift and shake off the last pieces of
suciedad en el agujero.

Tres montones: césped, subsuelo y
tierra vegetal.

3) Polish the hole.

After digging to a depth of 18 to 18 inches, sand the bottoms and sides of the hole, making it easier for the roots to penetrate the heavy clay.

The trees and shrubs remained
leaning on our big compost pile until we were
listos para plantar.

4) Determine the proper depth to plant.

Use a long stick through the hole to make it easy to determine the proper level to plant the tree.


5) Reload.

Now is the time to put the contents of the hole back in the opposite order: grass first, topsoil around the tree roots, and sub-soil last. While it's important to treat the roots with care, you can gently put the soil in place.

6) Water and mulch.

After planting, it is preferable to stack a large bowl-shaped wheelbarrow of horse manure around the tree. So the tree receives a significant amount of water now, and once a week for the first year (unless rain takes away our work to do).

7) ¡Protege!

If your garden is not fenced, you may want to take the time now to consider the fence. It is normal for rabbit damage to occur if we leave our fruit tree trunks unfenced, so now while planting, we wrap a 12-18 ″ aluminum wire fence in a circle 6 ″ from the trunk.

We hope that with this post you will be more clear about how to plant fruit trees and thus have success in your planting. Greetings!

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