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Palm tree growth

Palm tree growth

Many people believe the palm tree growth It is similar to that of a tree, they have the same characteristics, the same care methods and the growth behavior is similar. However, palm trees are plants that only have a false trunk (stipe), they do not create ramifications from this single trunk, their structure is fibrous, and they can reach heights of more than 20 m if properly cared for.
The nature of palm tree growth is one of the factors that matters most to garden owners, because some will want a huge palm tree or one that grows large enough to make the garden look fantastic.

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Palm tree growth

Why is the palm tree too small?

As we said before, the growth of an average palm tree can be between 5 to 20 meters, but this only happens when all environmental conditions are ideal for this plant. In addition, there are hundreds of reasons why a palm tree is not growing, stopped growing or started to die, and some of these reasons are:

  • The weather: not all palm trees are good to receive climatic excesses in their growth stage. It is important to know the ideal climate for a specific species and plant it in a season that offers a perfect environment, or also buy the palm tree with enough growth in advance.
  • Pass: Composting is a fundamental part of growth in hot seasons, and watering it little in cold seasons. In addition, the quality of the nutrients in the compost must be that indicated for the planted species.
  • Flowerpot: Starting the development stage of a palm tree is the most recommended, but you must be careful to choose the size of the pot well because it can be very small if it is growing at a good rate in a short time.
  • Humidity: When the soil is very compact and does not have good drainage, the plant can tend to drown due to the risk indicated by an expert.


Why does my palm tree grow a lot?

Although most palm trees grow excessively over the years, it is almost impossible to prevent this plant from growing at will, and the best recommendation would be to look for a species of palm tree with a growth that suits your needs. In case you already have your own palm tree and want to control it, here are some tips:

  • Do not use compost, nutrients and waterings frequently; Only use them when necessary to avoid illness or dehydration.
  • Don't change the pot or try to shrink it. However, this can make the palm tree sick and it could die.
  • Try to put when the time is right.

However, anything you try could cause your palm tree to weaken and could get sick to the point of dying. That is why we always recommend choosing the species of palm tree well before planting it, in the same sense when the time comes for pruning if this palm tree is of a great height hire a service of height pruning do not try to prune it yourself, it is always better to do it by an expert.

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