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Collection of pruning remains

Collection of pruning remains

After hard work doing pruning in height and regular pruning of a garden, the moment comes least expected by any gardening lover: collecting pruning debris and managing their transfer or burning. This might seem a bit costly and tedious, but there are ways to make these pickups hassle-free.

Does it cost you a lot to do the collection after pruning your house or your land? Well, you don't have to worry about this anymore, because we will talk about some perfect ways to lighten this job.


Permission to burn pruning debris

The best known way of managing the collection of pruning remains is by burning them according to the procedures and parameters indicated by the community, state or country. Most laws in Spain vary according to the autonomous community. In this case, we will talk about the permission requested by the Valencian community and some points that you should take into account when requesting it:

  • This permit should only be requested by legal or natural persons who want to carry out a burning of plant residues within 500 meters of a forest or neighboring area.
  • The main objective of this process is to prevent forest fires and it can be requested throughout the year.
  • You can request the permission of physical form in the registries, town halls, state administration agencies or autonomous communities, diplomatic offices, post office or any other office that is available for this process.
  • In the case of not being able to attend in person, it can be done online.

Never hesitate to contact the website of the Valencian community to request more information or requirements for the burning of pruning remains.

Ways to manage the collection

If you thought pruning seemed a bit difficult, you can't imagine what waste management is like if you don't know the rules for disposing of it. In the case of pruning remains, these cannot go in the garbage as we normally would, because this waste ends up accumulating in the garbage dumps, creating environmental pollution and problems in the future.

The planet belongs to everyone and we must take care of it as the most precious thing we have, that is why some of the ways in which everyone could manage the collection of pruning remains are:

  • Hire a company dedicated to collecting plant waste, which must certify its correct management.
  • Make a burning of the pruning remains, following the legal parameters
  • Purchase a shredder, reduce the size of the waste and take it to authorized landfills.
  • Donate them to companies that use them to make alternative fuels and energy
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