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Pruning in height


Height pruning in Alicante, Murcia, Valencia and Castellón.

Looking for a safe and reliable way to perform pruning at height? Look no further. Our service pruning in height It's exactly what you need to keep your big plants and trees in tip-top shape. With our expert team of professionals, we can take care of any task and perform it quickly, safely and efficiently. We provide pruning services of the highest quality, using the latest techniques and specialized tools.

With our height pruning service, you can be sure that your trees and palm trees will be in the best hands.

Pruning in height

Height pruning

In many cases, gardeners or villa owners try to prune their specimens without the material needed for height pruning or necessary experience, which makes pruning of this type dangerous.

Despite having been able to prune the specimens years ago, it is recommended not to try once they exceed an easily accessible height. On these occasions, we recommend pruning done by a professional.

In Raíz Verde we put the physical integrity of the workers and the surroundings of the tree or palm tree, using the necessary machinery and tools to develop pruning in a safe way with a pruning kit at height.

This is the best option to avoid accidents, take care of your land and keep your specimens healthy. Hiring an expert company on the subject will also allow you to define the best jobs to do on each of your copies.

If you want to give a different look to your garden and perform a rejuvenation pruning, we can help.

Poda en altura

Pruning in height

Height pruning

Work carried out on pruning height

Height pruning in Alicante, Murcia, Valencia and Castellón.

Main reasons why pruning is done at height

Esthetic Seeing trees or palm trees with dry leaves is not something visually pleasing, since, aesthetically, it gives the feeling of carelessness or dirt, aspects that we do not want to associate with our villas or farms.

With pruning this can be solved, since the dry leaves are removed and the specimens are endowed with aesthetic balance, so that they improve the landscape.

Balance One of the objectives of pruning is to maintain the balance of the specimens, especially the large ones, distributing the weight evenly between the branches. In this way, possible deviation problems or unexpected falls are prevented.

One of the most common consequences in palm trees of the lack of pruning for many years is the deviation or arching of the trunk, caused by the weight of the leaves and fruits. This great weight can even cause the fall of the palm tree and other negative consequences in the environment.

In trees, the lack of pruning can cause one part to grow larger than another and this causes a decompensation in the weight of the tree. If the necessary pruning is not carried out, this can generate an unbalanced growth of the specimen and poses a high risk of fall.

If you are looking for pruning at high prices think that in our sector what matters is not the price but the security and professionalism of the service.

Pruning in height

From a hygienic point of view, pruning is also necessary. If the specimens are unattended, there are many insects and animals that can begin to inhabit them.

This happens very often in palm trees, because they are the ones chosen by rats to create their nests and live. With this type of pruning this problem is solved, since the nests are eliminated and the animals are frightened.

On the other hand, not pruning trees and palm trees at the right time of year causes a greater drop in seeds and leaves, generating dirt in the garden.

Disturbances to buildings or passageways On many occasions, our high pruning service is requested because the branches of its trees or palm trees have grown so much that they are invading terraces, roofs, roads, walks or paths. This creates a nuisance both to owners, as well as to people or vehicles that circulate in the area.

For these cases, we recommend performing a comprehensive pruning, and not only remove the branches or leaves that bother. Since this action will make the specimen unbalanced. A good arborist or palm grower will carry out the appropriate pruning to ensure that the specimen has an optimal and balanced development, without generating more discomfort.

If you have any questions or queries about the high altitude pruning service please contact us, we will be happy to assist you. We are always available to answer any questions or emergencies at any time, even on weekends or holidays.

Height pruning work

These works are carried out by the palm tree and arborist.

Palmerero He is a qualified person in the care and pruning of palm trees. To be a good palm tree you must have extensive experience in a multitude of types of palm trees such as the date palm, canariensis palm, washingtonia palm, robusta washingtonia palm, chamerops, coconut trees, etc. In addition, you must know and control the different pruning systems and the approved and appropriate equipment for the job. Likewise, he must know and master any type of pruning or brushing in the trunk of palm trees and, above all, the proper formation of the flanges or capital.
Height pruning Height pruning
Arborist He is a qualified professional in any type of tree pruning. Also, in addition to knowing the different pruning systems, you must be able to execute them safely. Also, it must be able to efficiently prune any type of tree, be it: pines, eucalyptus, cypress, araucaria, mulberry, olive, jacaranda, etc. At Raíz Verde we have the best professionals in the height pruning trade, do not hesitate to contact us and we will put our best arborists and palm growers at your disposal.

Gardening tips:

Use compost: Add organic compost to enrich the soil, improve its structure and provide nutrients to plants.

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